Monterey Condos


Looking for a great condo buy in Monterey , CA? If you don’t see what you want, then email us and we will put you on our special “Monterey Condo Watch List!”

Monterey is a waterfront town with a mild climate year round. There is a great recreation trail that runs along or near the beach thru the town and goes south to Pebble Beach and North as far As Marina, Ca.  There are several specialty schools such as the prestigious Navy Post Graduate School , the Defense Language Institute, the Monterey International Institute and also the local Monterey Peninsula College – a 2 yr. junior college

Anchor Oaks Condos 451 Dela Vina, Monterey, CA. $
Cypress Park Condos 820 Casanova, Monterey, CA. $
Dela Vina townhouses 420 Dela Vina Ave., Monterey, CA. $
Del Monte Beach Town Houses La Playa off Del Monte, Monterey, CA. $$$$ +
Footprints on the Bay Condos 300 Glenwood Circle, Monterey, CA. $
Golden Oaks Condos 30 Monte Vista Dr., Monterey, CA. $ to $$
Laine Hill Condos 585 Laine, Monterey, CA. $ to $$
Mar Vista Condominims 400 Mar Vista Dr., Monterey, CA. $$$ to $$$$
Montecito Condos  127 Montecito Ave., Monterey, Ca. $
Monterey Village Condos 461 Dela Vina, Monterey, CA $
Monterey Woods Condos  360 Josselyn Canyon, Monterey, CA. $$ to $$$
Montsalas Condos  63 Montsalas Dr., Monterey, CA. $$
Mountain Shadows Condos  Mountain Shadow Rd., $$$
Ocean Ave. Condos  504 Ocean Ave., Monterey, CA. $$
Ocean Forest Condos  500 Glenwood Circle, Monterey, CA. $ to $$
Ocean Harbor House Condos 125 Surf Way, Monterey $ to $$$$
Puerta Villa Condos 585 Hawthorne, Monterey, CA. $$ to $$$
Skyline Crest Condos  Skyline CS, Monterey, CA. $$$$ +
Sumaya Condos 402 Watson, Monterey, CA. $$
 Tanglewood Condos 39 Forest Ridge Rd., Monterey, CA $ to $$
Terry Townhomes Terry St., Monterey, CA $$$
Rose of Monterey 423-429 Dela Vina, Monterey, CA $$ to $$$
The Villas at Cannery Row 201 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA $$$$$
Vista Del Mar Condos 100 block, Mar Vista Dr., Monterey, CA. $ to $$$
Vista Del Sol 70 Forest Ridge Rd., Monterey, Ca $$$
Villa Via Condos 7 Joaquin, Monterey, CA. $$$
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