Affordable Monterey Condo

Cypress Park - Monterey Condos
Cypress Park – Monterey Condos

Would you like to buy a Monterey Condo for less than $100,000. Maybe pay $90,000 for a remodeled one bedroom condo? What’s the catch? Not really a catch but you must be below a certain income – which is approximately $56,880. for one person and slightly higher for two people. Priority is given to applicants who live or work in the city of Monterey. But you also may be able to purchase one if you live or work in the Monterey County area.

Currently there are 7 one bedroom condos at the Cypress Park condos. They are priced from $90,000 to $97,500.  Your payments would be cheaper than just about any rental – even when you include the $229 association dues! Did you think you would never be able to buy in the Monterey area? Well now just might be your chance. Call me to see these condos or for more information. Eileen (831) 277-9939

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