Rental Information:


Condos are not like apartments. They are individually owned. There is no one source for Rental Information. You can’t just walk in to an office like an apartment complex and ask to see rentals.  If you are looking for a condo to rent try one of the Agencies and property management companies below. This is just a partial list.

Rental  (mostly list of apartment complexes to make looking easier. )

Beaumont Property Management

Mangold Property Management

Monterey Bay Property Management  (Vacation Rentals also)

AG Davi Property Management

Renter beware! If you are renting from an established property management company you have a fair amount of protection. Most will have a physical location and/or a website.  Some work out of their homes but will meet you and have a DRE# on their business cards.  Apartment complexes often have a resident manager and an office.

But if you are renting from an online agency then be careful. If it looks too good to be true – it often is! If the rent is incredibly cheap, they ask you to send money or personal info such as credit card or bank account numbers via email and mail,  then beware. Most owners will have a local company represent them or meet you at the property.