Do NOT make a purchase decision based solely on information on this website. Our information is taken from condos for sale in the MLS and from tax records. Information while updated regularly can still be out of date or inaccurate. If purchasing a condo you will need to verify all info by reading all the condo documents and specific info on a condo for sale.

Dues: We list dues amounts as a reference only. Dues amounts can change frequently. Verify thru the mls and the specific condo associations.

**If there is an a “yes” for individual lot – then the “condo”  may actually be a PUD or planned unit development. This means you actually own the lot underneath the condo. This is more likely to be the case if the unit is a townhouse style – with an upstairs and downstairs or a single level unit. If the units are stacked – someone above or below the unit it is not likely to be a PUD. Please verify all info with the condo or PUD association. Pud’s may be easier to obtain financing on.